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National Association for States Community Service Programs

Simply stated, the National Association for States Community Service Programs’ mission is to build capacity in states to respond to poverty issues.

NASCSP is the premier national association charged with advocating and enhancing the leadership role of states in preventing and reducing poverty.

The association aims to empower low-income families to reach self-sufficiency in its broadest context. NASCSP accomplishes that by helping states make full use of their resources to implement a comprehensive array of services to low-income families, including weatherization, energy assistance, childcare, nutrition, employment, state energy programs, job training, and housing in urban, suburban and rural communities.

Services and Technical Assistance

CSBG Services, a division of NASCSP, provides research, analysis, training and technical assistance to state CSBG offices, Community Action Agencies and state associations, in an effort to increase their capacity to prevent and reduce poverty.

The division provides information, catalogs best practices, teaches skills, empowers leaders, provides technical assistance, facilitates dialogue and offers solutions.


Each year, NASCSP’s CSBG Services division conducts a detailed survey of the CSBG Network that describes the sources of funding, services provided, clients and communities assisted, and results achieved. This information is shared with the network and other research organizations in the form of national reports, articles and a promising practices database.

Through the CSBG Annual Report and daily contact with an extensive network of state and local officials, CSBG Services identifies promising practices in program management and service delivery and shares this information with the CSBG Network through articles, conference sessions and other printed and online materials.


CSBG Services provides opportunities to learn new skills and approaches to management issues through training seminars, regional stakeholder briefings, online materials and orientation sessions.

Through training events, state employees learn ways to work successfully at the state level to improve lives for low-income families and communities. Local agency leaders can learn and grow from efforts in other areas of their state ― and other states ― the innovative ways that community action works.

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Technical Assistance

CSBG Services maintains an extensive list of expert consultants in such areas as planning, evaluation, software, fiscal and board training, and information technology. CSBG Services’ staff members provide direct assistance in the areas of Results Oriented Management and Accountability (ROMA) and CSBG IS data collection. LINK TO ROMA PAGE.

CSBG Services facilitates dialogue by bringing together stakeholders to build policy recommendations, develop reporting tools and aid the network in striving for excellence.

CSBG Services provides confidential assistance to state offices and can assist in analyzing problems and developing solutions in such areas as policy development, data collection and program implementation.

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